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Book review: Too Cute Puppies and Too Cute Kittens

If you’re like me, you try to resist watching the Too Cute! series on Animal Planet because well, you might end up getting more cats. (And that is something that I do not need.) However, those adorable kittens and puppies draw me in every time. It also doesn’t help that my mom texts me to remind me when it’s on.

Now you can enjoy viewing a bunch of cute little furry creatures with these Too Cute books, both published by Harlequin Nonfiction in conjunction with Animal Planet.

P1030839Like the show, Too Cute Kittens has pictures of various breeds of kittens, from British Shorthairs to Tabby cats. Some of the kittens are shown with others from their litters, or with their mothers, or even on their own, posing in adorable ways. (Have you noticed a distinct overuse of the word “adorable” in this post thus far?)

It was hard to not to “aw” at every single page, because I have a weakness for kittens, cats, and pictures of the both of them. This should be evident by the number of furry creatures that I’ve adopted/rescued/couldn’t resist feeding over the years.


Too Cute Puppies is equally, well, cute, for lack of a better word. It’s hard to resist a picture that zooms on the nose of a cute little P1030840Dachshund puppy, especially when the next page is a shot of the whole litter of them laying in one big (cute!) pile of fur. Other breeds of puppies featured in the book include Pitt Bulls, Labrador Retrievers and Rottweilers, to name a few.

The books are available now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the Animal Planet website, among other places. They make a great Christmas gift for the animal lovers on your list, although there’s nothing wrong with buying copies for yourself :-).



(Disclaimer: I received copies of these books from a press representative in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.)


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