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How can you not love Zombie Cat? (A book preview of sorts)

He once was known as Tiddles, but thanks to a toxic spill and a radioactive mouse, he’s now known as Zombie Cat. This adult picture book (officially called Zombie Cat: The Tale of Decomposing Kitty) by Isabel Atherton with illustrations by Bethany Straker looks to be both cute and hilarious at the same time. I can’t resist!

Check out the video here (sorry, I can’t embed video yet) or pre-order the book here. It comes out in October, which, amazingly, isn’t too far away.

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Skip the therapist and get support from your friends… and this book by Keryl Pesce

Are you ready for a self-help book that doesn’t sound like it’s written by a robot? One that leads by example and wants to show you how to shrug off your baggage and finally be happy without filling your head with psychology terms and random mumbo-jumbo? Yes? Then look no further than Happy Bitch: The girlfriend’s straight-up guide to losing the baggage and finding the fun, fabulous you inside by Keryl Pesce.

After Keryl went through 3 crushing traumas in the short span of several weeks (she lost her job, caught her husband cheating and then moved in with a friend) she discovered that in order to truly be happy you have to learn to move forward… with a little help from your friends. She wrote this book to show women everywhere that by simply making empowering choices, they too, can get over the problems that fall into their laps.

With chapter headings like, Removing Emotional Scars, and Happy is the New Money, how can you go wrong? The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com, and if you want to find out more about Keryl Pesce, please check out her website here.

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