Pet Flow Spoiled Rotten Box Review

Subscription boxes are one of the hottest trends right now. There are monthly subscriptions available for everything from books to work out style clothing – and pets. The Pet Flow Spoiled Rotten Box is available for either dogs or cats. Obviously, since I have a bunch of cats, I tried that one out. Here’s what I received.

The first thing in the box was a card explaining its contents:


There were several different types of cat treats inside, including:

PetNaturals Calming Cat Chews


Omega Paw Cranberry Cabernet Treats


And Omega Paw Meowtinis Treats


As usual, some of my cats loved the treats, while others turned up their nose. Really, the only treat that they seem to agree on is catnip.

Speaking of catnip, these Softbite toy mice that were in the box were supposed to have catnip inside of them:


My cats seemed less than enthused to play with them, until I dumped the mice in a container of catnip and shook it up. The catnip clung to the colored twine that covered the mice. I pulled them out and gave them to the cats and haven’t seen them since (the mice, not the cats.)

There were also two cans of soft food – Merrick Purrfect Bistro Turkey and Merrick Purrfect Bistro Tuna Pate:


And a cool cat toy – the Cat Dancer Compleat:


This toy is a sturdy wire with a sticky cat paw on one end (to attach it to the wall) and some small cardboard tubes on the other end. I stuck it to the wall, where it stayed for for about 24 hours before one of my enterprising furballs yanked it off the wall.

It also came with a package of Supercat Catnip Stickers, which are supposed to smell like catnip when scratched. I placed a few on the lid of the box that they came in and a few cats happily rolled on it, and then looked at me wondering where the real catnip was:


Here’s one of my happy Spoiled Rotten cats enjoy his bounty:


The box costs $19.99 plus $5.00 for shipping. It certainly came with some interesting toys and treats, and  my cats are happy, which makes it worthwhile.



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