Getting crunchy with CrispRoot

In my quest for a healthier snack (because there is no way that I can give up snacking) I was given the chance to test out CrispRoot chips. These chips are gluten free, dairy free, and contain no trans fats or cholesterol. They’re made from Cassava Root and come in four flavors:

P1020914Thai Ginger


P1020919Sea Salt

P1020922BBQ Bliss

My favorite of the bunch were the Original flavored ones. They are seasoned with garlic powder and sea salt. The chips themselves are very crunchy, and are ridged:


If you’re looking for the CrispRoot equivalent of regular potato chips, then you probably want the Sea Salt ones, as they don’t have any garlic flavoring. The BBQ Bliss flavored chips were good, but on the spicy side thanks to the paprika that is sprinkled on them. The Thai Ginger ones were also tasty, but I prefer the Original flavor. (They didn’t last more than ten minutes.) I give them two thumbs up!

For more information on CrispRoot chips, please go to their website. A list of stores can also be found there.

(Disclaimer: I received four bags of CrispRoot chips *one in each flavor* from a press representative in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy for additional information.)



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