Are your pet products Pruven?

There are a few things that every cat owner needs, besides cats, of course. These include the obvious items, like cat food, a litter box and cat litter, but also a litter mat, a pet stain removal spray and some furniture saving anti-scratch tape. Pruven Pet Products sent me a few goodies to test out, including a few things on that list:


One other thing that isn’t listed above? A pet hair roller. Every pet owner needs one, unless you feel like walking around all day covered in cat hair. This one worked very well and one sheet managed to remove all of the hair covering the shirt that I was wearing:


A litter mat is another useful thing to have. This one is fairly small (you can get a sense of its size in the last shot) so I put in the doorway of my “cat room” so that it could catch any stray bits of litter still clinging to my cat’s feet: P1020567

This scratch protection film is clear and rather thick. It’s designed to go on wooden surfaces, like table and chair legs. I tested it out on one, and it held up surprisingly well until one of my too-smart-for-his-own-good cats *cough* Socks *cough* decided to peel it off:P1020569

Here’s the side view of the tape: P1020571

And the most useful item of all: the pet stain and odor remover. I’ve used this countless times since receiving it, and it’s worked like a charm:P1020573

Lastly, here’s a view of the litter mat: P1020574

All in all, I say – Yes! If you’re in the market for pet products, aim for the ones made by Pruven. (Do you need me to mention that they’re owned by 3M, the makers of Post-It notes? And that I’m obsessed with Post-It Notes? No? Well, I mentioned it anyway.) They’re sold at Wal-Mart, Target,, and several other places.

(Disclaimer: I received these products to review for free from a press representative in exchange for my unbiased review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.)


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