I survived finals week (barely)

Does anyone else think that colleges should give their students a week off before finals? I do. It would have been helpful. I could have lived without spring break – after all, it’s not like I go anywhere – so push it up and place it right before finals week. I would’ve had more time to study and write (I mean, finish, ha) my annotated bibliography that served as my final for one of my classes.

I was so stressed out by the time that finals week ended that it took me three weeks to finish this post. Seriously, I went straight from the life of a crazy student to the life of a crazy writer, and only took a two-day break in between. I started this post on the 11th and promptly forgot about it until I was going through my drafts today. Really? I need to get it together before my brain short-circuits.

On a good note, my GPA is now a 3.73, and I survived my second semester with two As, an A- and two B+s. Not too shabby. I’m shooting for straight As next semester, although I’ll be just as happy with a grad school admittance and a teaching assistantship. I’m taking the GRE sometime this summer, so I’ll be spending the next few months studying for it, writing, and finally getting some of these blog posts done. Wish me luck.





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