Book review: The Power Trip by Jackie Collins

P1020064 Are you ready for a beach read in February? For those of you who are (like me) suffering through  the remainder of winter, Jackie Collins’ latest book, The Power Trip, may be just enough to warm you up.

The plot has all of the intrigue, glamour and glitz that you’d expect from a Jackie Collins novel. Here’s a quick summary, courtesy of, who can sum it up better than me, since I so badly want to give away the ending – but won’t!

“A luxurious yacht in the Sea of Cortez, a birthday cruise for one of the world’s most beautiful women and an invitation no one can refuse.  In The Power Trip you will meet Aleksandr Kasianenko, a billionaire Russian oligarch, as he sets sail on The Bianca. You’ll meet his sexy supermodel girlfriend, whom The Bianca is named after, and five dynamic, powerful, and famous couples invited on the yacht’s maiden voyage: Hammond Patterson, a driven Senator, and his lovely but unhappy wife, Sierra; Cliff Baxter, a charming, never-married movie star, and his ex-waitress girlfriend, Lori; Taye Sherwin, a famous black UK footballer and his interior designer wife, Ashley; Luca Perez, a male Latin singing sensation with his older decadent English boyfriend, Jeromy; and Flynn, a maverick journalist with his Asian renegade female friend, Xuan. You will also meet Russian mobster, Sergei Zukov, a man with a grudge against Aleksandr. And Sergei’s Mexican beauty queen girlfriend, Ina, whose brother, Cruz, is a master pirate with orders to hold The Bianca and its illustrious rota of guests for ransom.”

The characters are fabulous, the setting is droolworthy, and the plot is nothing short of fast-paced excitement. I couldn’t put it down, and I doubt that you will either.

The Power Trip by Jackie Collins went on sale earlier today at booksellers everywhere, including Whether you want to read it now or wait for warmer weather is up to you. 🙂


(Disclaimer: I received a copy of The Power Trip by Jackie Collins from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own, and for more information, please check out my disclosure policy.)


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