A 2012 round up (of sorts) and some random thoughts on things

I’m running a bit late with my 2012 year-in-review/round up/whatever, but that’s mostly because last year was pretty uneventful. The two biggest things were my going back to school (yes, I’m crazy) and my sister having a baby, making me officially a Crazy Aunt (yay!) Other than that, not much happened. The whole last year was pretty normal, for me anyway.

I was going to make a New Years’ Resolution, but I always break them, so I decided to save myself the time, effort and brainpower and not make one this year. Usually I say that I’m going to stop procrastinating, but obviously, it took me until January 4th to write this post, so that one’s out.

But, back to talking about school – I survived the fall semester (my first one since the year 2001, believe it or not) with an overall 3.825 GPA, proving once and for all that I am not an idiot. I took four classes – one of which required me to write an in-depth 20-page research paper, and for once I didn’t procrastinate on it. I wound up with a A on the paper, in the class, and I’m hoping (knock on wood!) to get it published in an academic journal. For this next semester, which starts a week from Monday, I’m taking five upper-level history classes, one of which requires a whopping 9 books. It’s a good thing that I like to read. The bad part involves walking up the stairs at the bookstore carrying all 9 of those books, plus the combined 19 that are required for my other 4 classes. Yikes.

Other than that worrying about and looking forward to the spring semester, I’ve spent my break working. I’ve also done a bit of updating (housecleaning?) on the sidebar of this blog, and I have some other work to do cleaning up links and things. I’m going to try to post at least once a week from here on out, as I have plenty of books to review and other things to write about. Things may get hectic though, so if I seemingly vanish, don’t worry!



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