Pet first aid made easy with Dr. Emmo’s

Everyone knows that when a pet gets hurt badly, the only available option is to take him or her to vet, but what should you do when the wound is minor and non-life-threatening?

Here’s a great example — I currently have 12 cats. Sure, 6 belong to my husband and I, and 6 belong to my mother-in-law, but they don’t know that and all mingle together. And sometimes (rarely these days, thankfully) they get into small arguments that lead to minor nose scratches, small bites on the end of the tail, and there’s always the occasional “where did you stick your nose this time?” mystery scrape.

Rather than take the cats to the vet every time one of them gets a scrape on their nose or has dirty ears, I turn to Dr. Emmo’s Pet First Aid. It’s amazing what wound care products and clean gauze can do.

Here are the Dr. Emmo’s products that I keep on hand:

Wound Care Wash – This product is antibiotic free and promises not to sting when it’s applied. It’s also safe for your pets to lick, which is great when you have cats. To apply it, just try your darndest to make your cat or dog sit still, remove as much hair from the wound as possible, and then spray it on.





Wound Care Spray Gel – This one goes on after applying the Wound Care Wash. It’s also safe to lick, antibiotic free and swears that it doesn’t sting when applied. Spraying on a good layer of this will protect the wound and help keep it clean.





Ear Care Rinse – Cats end up with dirty ears. It happens. This also is a no-sting formula, but it contains antimicrobials to get all of the bad stuff out of your pets ears. It can be either gently squirted into the outside part of your pets ear, but is better when applied on a cotton ball first. You can also squirt a little on a paper towel or soft clean rag and then wipe it around the outside of the ear to get any extra muck off.

For more information, check out the Dr. Emmo’s website. The products can be purchased online at numerous sites, as well as in pet stores.


(Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for my honest review. They truly are awesome. For more information, please check out my disclosure policy.)


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