Pet product previews and other cool stuff

I was wandering Yahoo’s main page earlier when I came across a link to this Cat Intelligence Quiz on According to my results, Socrates (aptly named, apparently) is some sort of kitty genius. That’s pretty scary.

While I’m on the topic of websites and information, last month Hill’s Science Diet launched MyBowl For Cats on Pet nutrition is something that I worry about daily, especially with how fat my poor stripey Hercules has gotten, but with our combined 12 cats in one house (my six and my mother-in-laws six – and don’t worry – they get along fine and have three floors worth of space to roam) it’s practically impossible to feed Hercules something different. I’d put them all on a diet, but some of them don’t need to be on one.

I’ve also been sent some cool (and useful!) pet products to review, including a CFL lightbulb with a built-in ionizer to attract pet dander and dust particles:

Pet first aid products from Dr. Emmo’s:

And some lovely waterproof stickers made by Name Bubbles that are designed for labeling your pet’s items :

Full reviews will show up later this week or early next week, so keep checking back!


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