I can sandwich that*

The words, “I can sandwich that,” are heard almost daily in my house. I’ve found that my complete lack of cooking skills is made up for by my creativity. I can turn leftovers into lunch the next day pretty easily. (Although sometimes I turn them into dinner as well, if we have enough left.) Here are some recent examples:

– Prime Rib. We had prime rib one night last month, and had enough left over for dinner the next night. I sliced the prime rib as thin as I could without cutting myself, trimming off most of the fat as I went along before tossing the meat into a baking pan along with the remainder of the au jus (that was poured into the same bag as the meat the night before to keep it moist.) I baked it on 300 for around 20 minutes before slapping it onto some toasted sandwich rolls and throwing slices of provolone on top. Instant dinner!

– Josh’s awesome BBQ chicken. My husband makes an awesome BBQ sauce. (I can’t give away the recipe, as I don’t know it.) We had BBQ chicken straight from the grill one night. The next evening I ripped the rest of the meat off of the three giant chicken breasts, then dunked all of the meat into the sauce container to coat it thoroughly. It went into the oven to warm up before being made into sandwiches. No cheese required, this time. 🙂 It looked like this:

BBQ chicken goodness

– Leftover spaghetti sauce. (Okay, this isn’t a sandwich.) I made a “Mandy’s Mega Meaty Pizza” one night with leftover spaghetti sauce. The sauce already had ground beef in it, but I added pepperoni and salami to the pizza anyway. I took a ready-made pizza crust, spread a thick layer of sauce on it, then added slices of mozzarella and provolone cheese – enough to overlap all of the slices, leaving no section un-cheesed (if that’s not a word, it is now.) Then I topped that with a layer of pepperoni and salami, and a shredded mozzarella and provolone blend. After I pulled the pizza out of the oven (I think it only had to bake for around 15 minutes) I sprinkled parmesan on top. It wound up being around an inch thick. Maybe I should rename it “Mandy’s Mega Meaty and Cheesy Pizza?”

And no, I really can’t cook. My repertoire consists of mac n cheese, creative leftovers, and all things deep-fried. I do have a few baking skills, thanks to 8th grade home ec, but you can’t live off of cookies and brownies. Trust me, I’ve tried.


*This headline was inspired by Portlandia’s “We Can Pickle That” sketch.


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