Book review: Beckon by Tom Pawlik

Imagine if an ancient tribe of Native Americans called the N’Watu had gone underground into a cave near the town of Beckon, Wyoming centuries ago. Over time,  they adapted to a cave-dwelling way of life, and remained anonymous until discovered by Jack Kendrick, an anthropologist. While this scenario of evolved cave-dwellers may sound similar to the movie, The Descent, I assure you that it’s not. The plot to Beckon by Tom Pawlik differs quite a bit.

After losing several members of his original group of explorers, Jack is joined by Elina Gutierrez, a police officer looking for her cousin, and George Wilcox, who wants to cure his wife’s Alzheimer’s disease — only to stumble on a drug called Perilium that has more interesting effects. I can’t say much more without revealing the major plot points that drew me to this novel, so I can only recommend that you read it yourself. 🙂

Beckon is fast-paced and the plot unravels well, revealing interesting tidbits a little at a time before the giant reveals that explain everything. The various plots (those of Jack, Elina and George) come together nicely at the end. While I do wish that the back story behind each character was a little more intricate, I do understand that too much background would have interfered with the quick pacing of the action. If you love a good, imaginative suspenseful sci-fi novel, you’ll enjoy Beckon.

Beckon is available at booksellers everywhere, including If you’d like to know more about the author, check out


(Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review. For more information, please check out my disclosure policy.)


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