Keep your floors clean with the Neater Feeder

My cat-sized Neater Feeder

Are you sick and tired of your cats knocking their food and water all over the place? I am. Just a few weeks ago Socks knocked one of the water bowls over twice! (I think he enjoys watching me clean up after him.) Now, thanks to my nifty new Neater Feeder, I don’t have to worry so much anymore.

The Neater Feeder is a cool pet dish that keeps pet food and water off of your floors. It’s a two-part feeder that has an upper section that holds two pet dishes (I use one for water and one for food). The upper section has a series of drainage holes near the front, so when one of my furry friends knocks into it, the water will drip down through the holes into the bottom reservoir, but the holes aren’t so big that food falls down — keeping the bottom from becoming a soggy mess.

Osiris at the Neater Feeder

The dishes themselves are set into the feeder, and are surrounded on three sides by walls to keep the whole thing contained. My Neater Feeder also came with a set of extenders to raise the feeder up some more, but I didn’t need them. And, to be completely honest — I love this feeder! I don’t know how I ever lived without it. My cats have yet to knock it over (it’s pretty sturdy), the food stays on top, where it belongs, and water doesn’t end up all over the floor. If you’re tired of picking up the mess left behind after your cats or dogs are done eating, you need one of these.

The Neater Feeder comes in several different sizes in order to accommodate pets of any size. Mine is the smallest – the cat size (which retails for $37.95), but you can purchase small, medium and large ones as well. For more information, or to purchase one, go to the Neater Feeder website.

(Disclaimer – My Neater Feeder was sent to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. Check out my disclosure policy for more details.)


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