Spoil your cats with the Kitty’scape

If there’s one thing that cats love (besides catnip, mooching people food, catnip, feathers and catnip – oh, wait, that’s five things…) it’s cat trees. Not only do cat trees provide your furry felines with a place to lounge, but the carpeted sides give them something to scratch besides your furniture. The only downfall with a traditional cat tree is that you can’t swap out sections of it. If it gets scratched to death in one area, you can’t take that section off and replace it. You have to start all over with a brand new cat tree.

Which is why the Kitty’scape is such a cool idea. These modular cat trees are like Ikea for cats. Once you assemble a basic starter kit, you can buy another version, or upgrade to a deluxe one then link all of them together without using tools. Each Kitty’scape can be reassembled, reconfigured and switched around any number of times, ensuring that your cat won’t get bored. And if one section gets scratched to shreds, you can swap out that section for a new one, or just reconfigure your existing parts to cover that area. Pretty cool, huh?

The Kitty’scape is the brainchild of Solvit Products, who make ramps, bicycle accessories and stairs for pets. Available in three different levels and varieties of starter kits: Basic, Intermediate and Deluxe ($99 to $199) and numerous expansion kits, the Kitty’scape goes on sale in stores nationwide in June, so start your wish list now!


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