Book review: Bond Girl by Erin Duffy

All that Alex Garrett has ever wanted to do is work on Wall Street. She gets her chance after graduating from college when she’s hired by Cromwell Pierce. Like all of the new hires, she starts off as an analyst,  assigned to the bond trading department. Her main job (besides fetching lunches for the other people in the department) is to sit on a folding chair behind her new colleagues learning every aspect of the business and completing spreadsheets. Throughout her first year working on the Street, Alex quickly learns that although Wall Street is a boys club, she can hold her own amongst them without becoming one of the two stereotypical Wall Street women (“floor whores” who sleep with their co-workers, and bitchy women who despise everyone.)

The best part of this book, besides the funny bits (fetching a $1,000 wheel of cheese, a co-worker who holds a slumber party in a conference room and the never-ending pranks that her colleagues play on each other) is that Alex is a well-rounded character. Unlike some other books that fall into the chick-lit category, there aren’t any ornate descriptions of designer shopping sprees, and when her one love interest (Will, a co-worker) plays hot and cold with his emotions, she neither gets clingy nor angry — until the end. Alex is fulfilled through her job and her friendships, the focus here isn’t on “landing a man” or buying a whole lot of Prada.

Bond Girl by Erin Duffy is a great book. The main characters seem real, not like stereotypes, and the plot moves along quickly. Don’t let the shoe on the cover dissuade you from picking it up, since this isn’t your normal, everyday chick-lit. The book is available for sale now at booksellers everywhere, including Amazon.

(Disclaimer – I won a copy of this book through Bookperk. A review of the book wasn’t a requirement of my win, I just enjoyed reading it, so I thought I’d throw my two cents out there. For more information on my disclosure policy, please click on the link above.)


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