Book review: Far from Here by Nicole Baart

This book starts out with a horrifying event: Danica (Dani) Greene’s husband Etsell vanishes without a trace while in Alaska. He’s a pilot, and he was up there helping out one of his fellow pilots for three weeks. Danica has no idea if he’s alive or dead. He’s just… missing. While she’s dealing with this tragedy, a mystery appears in the form of a woman, Sam, who claims to have known and spent time with Etsell during the short time that he was in Alaska. Her secret deepens as the plot progresses, leaving the reader wondering how much of what she’s saying is the truth, and what really happened to Etsell on the day of his disappearance.

Far from Here by Nicole Baart is well written, and each character is vibrant. Everyone who appears has a purpose, a back story, and realistic flaws, making all of them three-dimensional. Although Dani was married young, and is less than 30 years old when these events take place, she is mature for her age and deals with everything in the best manner than she can. The ending is left ambiguous and open to interpretation, and all that matters is that she finds happiness again. I won’t say any more than that — you have to read it youself to find out what happens.

Far from Here is in bookstores now, and can be found on Simon & Schuster’s website here.

(Disclaimer: a copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher, Howard Books, a division of Simon & Schuster. My opinions are my own, and I wasn’t encouraged or compensated in any way to say that I liked the book – I really did enjoy it! For more information, please click on my disclosure policy above.)


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