Photo of the day: I’ve got your back

Getting a good picture of Horus and Socks in action isn’t easy. In fact, it’s pretty darn hard to catch them in motion — usually I end up with a black and white cat-fur blur. The best part is when they decide to wrestle and both rear back on their haunches and pause before pouncing at each other.

Usually they go after the same toys, but there are a few differences. Socks loves chasing jingle balls and anything filled with catnip, while Horus prefers strings and feathers. They both chase after the same toy mice, and Socks is famous for his signature “crocodile roll” where he’ll grab my arm in both front paws and flip over to get a better vantage point. Horus plays less rough, but is still hilarious.

But, of course, the best part is watching them play with each other. Where one goes, the other isn’t far behind. As you can see from my previous post, Brotherly Love,  they even stalk birds together. Thankfully, they paused for a split second and I was able to get this clear shot of Horus running around with a string and Socks acting as his back up:


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