Do you fear the Roo?

I made this.

Last night my husband and I went to a mens basketball game at the U of Akron. It was Family Night at the JAR (James A Rhodes Arena), so we arrived an hour before the game to make posters and help other people put on their temporary Zips tattoos. (There was no way that I was going to wear one myself, although I did wear Zips colors and my U of Akron hoodie.)

Josh had to attend the Family Night as one of the requirements for his Student Success Seminar. We had to register up front, but were given back our deposits when we arrived, so the game and everything were free. As part of the program we were even given free pizza, pop and cinnamon bread at halftime! Woo hoo! Of course, by that point I’d already stuffed myself with (not free) nachos, so I could only down a piece and a half of the pizza and had to fend off Josh as he tried to steal my cinnamon bread.

The Zips beat Northern Illinois University 75-51 and Josh and I had a blast. We’re both a little hoarse today from yelling and my legs hurt from walking across campus in freezing cold weather and then hiking up and down the bleachers several times, but it was a ton of fun. In fact, we’re planning on taking in another game on Wednesday, as long as Josh isn’t overwhelmed with homework.

Sporting events are a lot more fun at a bigger school. Don’t get me wrong — I loved attending Ashland U, but the football and basketball games that I went to had much to be desired. I think it was because it was a small school in a small town, not a large school in a full size city like Akron.

I wonder what other sporting events I can talk Josh into attending?



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