I want to live in Portlandia

I discovered Portlandia, the sketch show starring Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen last month. I’d seen the previews of the show, but hadn’t watched it until I stumbled across a marathon of it on the Independent Film Channel (which also shows some great, yet slightly weird movies, by the way).

Once I’d watched one episode, I was hooked. The entire show reminds me of an restaurant review that I wrote several years ago on the Overhyped hipster fare at Melt Bar and Grilled. Those hipsters? Apparently they’re occupying Portland now. Wih hilarious results.

From the, “I can pickle that!” to the Blunderbuss Festival, I just can’t stop watching. In fact, I kind of wish that each episode were longer than a half hour. So far, my favorite sketches include the Allergy Pride Parade, the one where Fred and Carrie make a big fuss about someone tying their dog to a post outside a cafe (with a funny twist of an ending that I won’t give away) and the Portland baseball team tryouts. There are so many more that I haven’t mentioned, so you’ll just have to check it out for yourself.

In fact, if you want to know more, this link takes you to a dog park sketch, and this one to an article on Carrie Brownstein (and Portlandia) in Elle magazine.

And no, I wasn’t comped or paid or anything for this – I just freakin’ love the show!


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