One resolution down…

One of the (several) New Years’ Resolutions that I made a few weeks ago involved my getting out of my office more. So far, that’s been the easiest to fulfill, as I was out and about last Sunday prior to the Super Bowl (YAY GIANTS!) and am going to a college basketball game at the U of Akron this weekend.

Last Sunday was Valentine’s Crafts Sunday and the U of Akron. My husband had to attend at least one craft Sunday in order to fulfill one of the requirements of his Student Success Seminar. Unfortunately for him, he took me along. (I had so much fun that I’m dragging him to the March and April Crafts Sunday’s, too.)

We made a day of it and spent some time in the campus game room playing pool and bowling, before making these cool crafts (he made me the frog box on the left, while I painted the weird green-owlish-dinosaur-stamp covered picture frame on the right):


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