Moving is unpleasant

Last week I was busy moving! (Yes, again.)

This time the move went smoother, since Josh and I took one look at the 30+ heavy boxes of books (this total does not include any boxes from the rest of our apartment) and decided to hire movers for the first time ever. We’d heard good things about 2 Men and a Truck, so we gave them a call. For $99 an hour, they came and moved all 60 of our boxes and numerous rooms full of bulky furniture. And it only took 4 and 1/4 hours! If we’d enlisted our friends, it would’ve taken them all day just to load up the U-haul, and who-knows-how-long to unload.

With Josh in school, his time is precious and he can’t risk hurting his back yet again, so the movers were a good idea. Now for the fun part – unpacking!


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