New Years Resolutions, 2012 Edition

This has taken me forever to write, so I guess I can cross my usual resolution, Stop Procrastinating, off of my list. Although, this year, coming up with my resolutions was easy. Anyways, here’s my short list:

1) Get out of the house more. Don’t get me wrong: working from home is AWESOME. But, I never seem to get out and do anything fun. This year I hope to get to attend a sporting event or two, or maybe even go see a movie in a theater (something I haven’t done since 2005.) Heck, even going bowling would be nice!

2) Write a book. I have a bunch of ideas and have been actively outlining two of them. This is the year that I buckle down and start writing one of them.

3) Get organized. This one won’t take place until after I move in about a week and a half. I need to start remembering things like birthdays, not to mention that cleaning out my files and setting up a weekly publication calendar won’t kill me. Well, I can start on that last one.

What’re your resolutions?


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