Weird things that I collect part one: pins

It’s a little-known fact that I have a (small) pin collection. No, they aren’t the huge buttons that you see advertising this or that, but the small enamel ones shaped like various things. (I also have quite a supply of keychains, but that’s another story.)

I have them all stuck to a random piece of cloth that’s folded up into a box. Included in the collection are a few shaped like cats (if I remember right, my dad bought them for me at either Autorama or the Randolph Flea Marker when I was a kid), my senior shield pin (from high school), and one from the English honorary at Ashland University (Sigma Tau Delta, which was a close as I got to “going Greek.”) There are others in there, too. Altogether, I probably have around 18-20 of them.

Basically, I held onto the pins with special meanings. I might have to add to the collection pretty soon, though, since I’ve discovered They even sell custom ones! Had I known that back in 2005 when I got married, everyone at my wedding would have walked out with a smiley face pin. Yes, one that matches my tattoo. Is that so wrong?


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