Old car blues

I hate to say it, but its days are numbered. My poor car, the one that I bought brand-new back in 2001 and paid off 5 years later, is on it’s last set of tires, so to speak.

I’ve had nothing but problems with it since the beginning of this year. It all started with new tires, which I received as a Christmas present from my mother-in-law. When the tires were put on, it also needed a new tie-rod end and wheel bearing. No big deal, right? Right. And then it happened: two weeks later, its timing chain and serpentine belt went. Once those problems were fixed (along with a new water pump – WOOOO!)  I was driving it home from the shop when my other wheel bearing started whining. I still haven’t fixed it. I’ve had too many other problems.

And then its transmission started leaking fluid. My husband repaired it – and then it started leaking again when the new section of hose gave way. And then it started leaking a third time. Finally he replaced the hoses on both sides with one long piece. Problem solved.

Until he took it for a test drive and the serpentine belt slipped. It turns out that transmission fluid had been spraying all over the engine when the car was in motion. Something about pressure and other such things loosening the belt. As he was fixing the belt, he knocked into a rusted radiator line, causing coolant to leak all over. One problem solved, another created.

Finally, with the radiator line replaced, my car ran decently for about a month.

Until today.

I was pulling into the Giant Eagle parking lot when the serpentine belt slipped again. Do you know how hard it was to drive home without power steering? It took every ounce of my non-existent arm strength to wrench the wheel every time I had to turn. But I made it! (I’m kind of proud of myself.)

So now, my ten-year-old, 115,000 mile car is sitting in my parking lot broken. Again. I give. The car wins.

I want one of these:

The fully-loaded 2012 Ford Focus of my dreams.


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