Problem solved thanks to the Gamma2 Vittles Vault

The worst thing about having 7 cats is that nothing is safe. Every box, wadded-up ball of paper, electrical cord (long story) and empty toilet paper tube becomes something to play with. Okay, 99.9% of the time I think all of that is completely hilarious. The one thing that REALLY annoys me is when they break into their food bag.

I’ve tried everything from keeping the food in a cabinet (which was an epic failure once I started buying huge bags of cat food that didn’t fit into any of my cabinets) to buying cat food brands sold in plastic-y bags, like Friskies and Kit N Kaboodle. That worked for a while, until one (or more) of my cats managed to chew a hole in that type of bag, too.

This particular bag of food made it a whole 2 days before it was busted into:

To make a somewhat long story kind of  shorter, when I was given a chance to test out an air-tight, heavy duty plastic pet food holder from Gamma2, I jumped on it.

This Prime Vittles Vault holds up to 50 lbs of dog food, 60 lbs of cat food, or 60 lbs of bird seed, horse treats… pretty much anything pet related. The lid twists off and on and features a lockdown double-gasket-ed airtight seal that keeps cats out and also prevents the food from getting stale.  I wish them luck at trying to break into this one during the night!

Osiris checking out the Gamma2 pet food container.

 The best thing is that for something that holds a ton of pet food, it isn’t overly large. Look at it in comparison to Osiris!  I poured my existing bag of cat food into it – about 10 lbs worth, and it looks like a drop in a bucket. So, even though it looks small from the outside, it holds a ton!

Oh – and it comes with a cool little food scooper, so I can retire the cup that I’ve been using.
Problem solved? I think so!

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