Goodbye ugly carpet!

Josh and I decided to get ambitious Thursday afternoon and accomplished this:




Yes. We ripped out the old, ugly, stained carpeting that covered the stairs. It was the only carpet in our apartment, except for the indoor/outdoor stuff that’s in the enclosed porch/cat room. And that’s staying.
We had permission from our landlord to take it out. Actually, his exact words were, “Lift up a corner and see what the floor looks like underneath,” but once we started removing it there was no stopping. Now we need to get his authorization to paint or tile the very bottom of the stairs near the front door, since the floor there is kind of icky (the previous tenants had dogs that they apparantly let pee down there. Yuck.) The stairs themselves are fine. We just need to go through and remove any remaining nails and staples and then give them a good cleaning.
That’ll have to wait until we’re feeling ambitious again.

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