Canada: my second favorite country

I’ve been to Canada three times in the last 10 years. From a whirlwind 24-hour trip to Torono when I was in college to the nearly two weeks I spent in both Niagara Falls and Britt, Ontario for my honeymoon, I’d have to say that I know that part of Canada pretty well.

Out of all of the places in Canada that I’ve traveled to, I’m ranking Niagara Falls at the bottom of that list. Sure, I only spent a few days there, but that was enough. I tend to avoid touristy places when I’m on vacation, so after going on the Maid of Mist, spending a few hours in the old Niagara Falls casino and eating a buffet dinner in the Skylon tower, I’d accomplished all that there was to do. I would like to go back to Canada someday, but I’m definitely not stopping there!


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