Crazy for cat toys

A package full of cat toys arrived this morning. Before I could even open it, I was pounced on by Isis, who must’ve smelled the catnip right through the bag.

Here is what arrived:

Lil' Creepers Refillable Catnip Mice

Smatykat PetPong balls


Fish Flop catnip crinkle toys

Smartykat Fish N Play, complete with refillable catnip pouch and many things for cats to chew on

All are designed to stimulate cats and keep them busy. And wow, do they ever work! Here are a few still shots of my cats going bugnuts:


A few minutes into the frenzy, I decided that a video would be more effective. You can view the video HERE. (Sorry, I still have to pay for the wordpress upgrade that will let me embed videos.) All 8 cats played with the toys, but I stuck to documenting the younger ones, since they’re more entertaining. Isis, Loki and Abby just licked the catnip mice and laid down.

More information on the toys (which were provided to me) can be found on the Pet Links System and Smartykat websites. The toys can be purchased at PetsMart, PetCo, and other pet supply stores.



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