Cool pet products

There are a lot of cool pet products on the market right now. Here’s a round-up of the ones that I think are the best:

 1) Smartycat cat scratchers: It’s instinctual: all cats need to sharpen their claws. And in order to keep them from using your couch, recliner, coffee table and dining room chairs, you have to provide them with a scratcher of some sort. Smartycat makes four different varieties, all available at Wal-Mart, Target and other stores —

ScratchCabin™ covered cat scratcher (around $16) looks something like a cute kitty garage, providing cats with an enclosed getaway for scratch and after-scratch privacy. ScratchCabin appeals to a cat’s curious nature. Once a cat ventures inside they find an irresistible scratch pad made from recycled corrugated cardboard. Spiking the pad with the starter bag of SmartyKat Certified Organic Catnip adds some zing. Refreshing the catnip as needed keeps your cat’s interest in ScratchCabin high.

CarpetColumn™ scratch post (around $16) appeals to carpet-loving cats who also love the good, long stretch that a vertical surface provides. This easy-to-assemble and stable post is covered is durable, nubby carpet that is attractive enough to be welcome in any home environment. The Snap2it! feather toy flutters invitingly on days when your cat needs a little extra motivation to get to the scratcher.

SisalAngle™ incline scratcher (around $21) features the satisfyingly-coarse texture of tightly-woven sisal rope on a stable wooden base set at a slant for good scratch-traction. The sleek design, textured sisal and geometric angle make an unexpectedly handsome trio. While sisal-loving cats love the rough, durable texture for scratching, cat owners will find satisfaction knowing that sisal is a renewable plant resource. SisalAngle comes with a stash of SmartyKat Certified Organic Catnip.

SeaColumn+™ sea grass scratch post (around $22) is a big and beefy (4” diameter) scratch post covered in sea grass, another renewable plant material that like sisal, makes a handsome natural surface for scratching. As an added bonus, SeaColumn+ includes a replaceable Snap2it! feather toy that acts as a lure to entice cats to make regular visits to the post. Its carpet-covered base offers a second surface for scratching and both its internal core and base are constructed from recycled materials.

2) The Pet-zzz-Pad:If you’re worried about your cat or dog getting cold when you’re not home, the Pet-zzz-Pad is for you.

The Pet-zzz-Pad is a heated pad for pets, warming up to a vet-recommended 102 degrees. The pad turns on when the pet steps onto the pad and shuts off when they walk away. Not only is the pad perfect for keeping pets cozy, but it serves many other purposes. When pets lay around the house, they leave a trail of hair that sheds, which looks terrible. The pad could help keep pets in one spot. For some reason pets prefer to sleep in our beds. This product can help keep pets in their own bed. Pet owners no longer have to worry about the temperature in their home because the Pet-zzz-Pad will keep them warm. It is also perfect for older pets with stiff joints and small pets that tend to shiver.

3) The Potty Patch: The name says it all. If your dog needs a place to relieve itself while you’re away from home, wouldn’t you rather it be on the Potty Patch, instead of the living room rug?

Potty training pets can become difficult and it is hard to keep pets on a potty training schedule when we have busy schedules of our own. To proof your home of the mess from ‘accidents,’ the Potty Patch is a three-tiered doggie restroom perfect for patios and indoor use. The Potty Patch keeps the mess off your floor. Also, when pets urinate, nitrogen is released, causing brown patches to develop on lawns. This could be a huge problem for home owners who take pride in their turf, yet love their pets. The Potty Patch will keep pets off the grass.

4) Pet Beds! Yes, every pet needs a soft place to curl up and take a nap. Here are several cool ones to choose from:

CouchComfort pet bed
As its name implies, CouchComfort draws its design cues from those deeply cushioned, super comfy couches that are the favorite spot for relaxing in almost every household. This bed features a lower front opening for easy access while its overstuffed sides and back provide a sense of security as well as important head and neck support. Its 26” x 19” x 8” dimensions make it perfect for use by either dogs are cats and it is machine washable for easy care.


DreamBoat+  pet bed
The DreamBoat+ surrounds pets with cozy wrap around style and plush comfort. Its overstuffed back and sides taper to a low front for easy access. Pets who want to cuddle up and watch the world go by will love the wrap-around walls that provide cozy head and neck support. This bed is available in medium (22” x 19” x 7”) and large (30” x 36” x 10”) sizes and is covered in machine washable materials.

CouchComfort sells for around $22.The DreamBoat+ retails from $32 for the medium bed to $42 for the larger version. Both beds are available at Walmart. For more information about these beds or other PoochPlanet products please visit the website at   


 5) Little Creepers Catnip Mice: I don’t know about you, but my cats LOVE catnip mice. They’ll play with them, lick them, and, eventually, rip them to pieces. Here are few new ones to consider.

Lil’ Creepers refillable catnip mice
Each package of Lil’ Creepers contains a trio of soft, furry mice and a starter stash of Pure Bliss Certified Organic Catnip.  Any cat would go hog-wild with three whole mini-mice to themselves, but the set is also ideal shared by a household of kitties. The mice are complete in every detail from the whiskers on their noses to the tips of their wiggly tails. Hidden away on their bellies is a small, re-sealable pouch that can be filled (and refilled when necessary) with fresh catnip, creating a full sensory experience that drives cats wild.

Jeepers Creepers refillable catnip toy
A step up the rodent rung on the evolutionary ladder is the full-size Jeepers Creepers refillable catnip toy. Designed for cats with lofty ambitions and a “supersize-me” attitude, this life-size rat will satisfy big playtime needs. Just like its smaller cousins, this critter combines realistic looks, a stash of Pure Bliss Certified Organic Catnip and a hidden catnip compartment.
Both Jeepers Creepers and Lil’ Creepers are designed to fulfill a cat’s need for Stimulation, of the 12 diverse needs that make up the Petlinks System. This veterinarian approved product system is designed to identify and address the wide range of wants and needs that are common to all cats.
Both Lil’ Creepers and Jeepers Creepers are priced at $10. For more information about Jeeper Creepers, Lil’ Creepers or other Petlinks products that meet your cat’s diverse needs, visit



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