Eight is enough (no, not the TV show)

This past weekend, Josh and I adopted our eighth cat. Yes. You read that right – 8 CATS.

It all started on Saturday, while I was at my parents’ house having a garage sale. One of our neighbors rescued a kitten from the bushes of the building next door. They knocked on Cindy’s (our downstairs neighbor’s) door, and she thought one of our cats had gotten loose, so she ran over and dragged Josh outside.

But all of our cats were accounted for, and none of them are this small, so Josh told the neighbors that he wasn’t ours.

Then he made the mistake of picking up the little guy, who apparently started purring and snuggled up to him looking as cute as can be. He told them that he wanted to adopt the kitten, but had to wait for me to get home. Once I did, I informed him that he never has to ask me first when a homeless fuzzy is concerned. 

To make the rest of the long story short, the neighbors (I never got their names) brought the kitten over Sunday afternoon. We named him Socrates. It’s now Wednesday and he’s offically at home, completely fearless and unafraid of playfully attacking our much larger cats. Our best guess is that he’s around 2 to 2 1/2 months old, but our vet will have to confirm that.

Here are a few more pics of Socrates, officially nicknamed “Little Booger” and “Socks.”




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