Why birds love a good cat trap

Today’s Guest Post is from Michelle Anderson

Feral cats are a problem. According to conservationists, feral cats are killing songbirds and other endangered bird species … at the rate of 100 million birds per year! If you have a feral cat on your property bothering your birds or even using your mulch as a litter bed, don’t worry because there is a solution.  By using a cat trap, you can capture feral cats and take them to a local humane society since many have spayed or neutered program. You can read more below about how feral cats are a problem and how you can help control of the overwhelming feral cat population.


Feral Cat Population is Soaring at an Alarming Speed

According to the Feral Cat Coalition, there are over 60 million stray cats in the U.S., and the number continues to rise. The U.S. Department of Agricultural estimates the number will grow an additional 5 million annually as domestic cats continue to be abandoned. And this doesn’t even include the reproduction of these feral cats, which can occur at a rate of 2 litters a year, with up to 10 kittens in a litter. As you can see, the numbers are staggering.

And it’s not just bird killing that is a problem. These feral cats live an unfortunate life, eventually dying prematurely from disease, starvation, dog attacks or cars.

I Have a Feral Cat in my Yard … What Now?


If you see a feral cat in your yard, the first step is to make sure it actually is feral. Some cats may be strays. The difference between stray and feral cats is that strays have a home they have wandered away from while the feral cats do not. Sometimes the cat owner allows the cat to roam, while other times the cat is unable to find its way home.

How do you know if the cat is feral? There will be no identification or collar and most feral cats will look malnourished. Also, feral cats tend to be more skittish around people. A stray may come to you if you bend down and call it over.

Yep, It’s Feral, Now What?

If you know the cat is feral, or if it is too afraid to come near you for you to find out, a cat trap can come in handy.

With cat traps, you can safely capture the cat and either return it to its rightful owner (if it has identification) or have it spayed or neutered.

How You Can Help

Contact your vet, SPCA, local animal shelter or other organization to find out what you should do with a feral cat. Most programs will take the cat for free, neuter it and find a suitable home for adoption.

Now that you know how a cat trap can help reduce the cat population, you can also learn more about cat repellents and how they can help you keep feral cats out of your mulch beds. Post written by guest blogger Michelle Anderson.


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