Clothing for pet lovers designed by Freaky Dog People

Picture a t-shirt for pet lovers. No, really. Close your eyes and picture a woman (or man) in a store wearing a pet-related t-shirt. The first thing that comes to mind is one of those frumpy ones sold by the Harriet Carter catalog, right?


These t-shirts, from the company Freaky Dog People are not only cute, but they allow you to express your love of your pets without looking, well, frumpy.

Freaky Dog People was started by Leanne and Ted Afetian.

A few years ago, the Afetians, a husband and wife team, attended a birthday party for their friends’ golden retriever, Lacey. Among the guests were Snyder, the Afetians’ golden retriever (and FDP’s official mascot), and a dozen other goldens. Like a typical kid’s birthday party, there were games, food, drinks, cake, plenty of “cookies” and party hats. After hearing about Lacey’s festive birthday party the following day, a friend of the Afetians looked at them and said, “Wow, you guys are like those… Freaky Dog People!” These magic words rang true for the Afetians and the seeds of FDP were born.

“We created FDP for people like ourselves to express the joy and happiness dogs bring to our lives,” said Leanne Afetian, who is also president of FDP. “In addition to our engaging online community, we have created a high-quality line of clothing and merchandise expressly for dog doting individuals to both wear their love for dogs on their ‘sleeves’ and cultivate a greater sense of compassion for dogs as members of the family pack.”

The company’s introductory line of stylish and soft cotton T-shirts features original and emotive designs such as: Heart Paw, a paw print emphasizing the heart-shaped pad of a dog’s foot; Dog Heart, a dog gazing at the heart of a loved one; the words “Home Is Where the Dog Is” printed within the shape of a heart; and, FDP Crest, which sports the company’s crest containing a heart, dog house, dog bone and paw, and symbolizing membership in the growing FDP family. Other merchandise available as of the company’s launch includes FDP Caps and “Giving Bands” charm bracelets.

 “We also wanted FDP to serve as an online destination for dog lovers to blog, post photos and videos, enter dog-themed contests, learn about community events, share valuable resources and information, and even celebrate their four-legged family members’ birthdays,” explained Ted Afetian, vice president of FDP and the owner of two other successful businesses. “At, members can also enjoy reading about daily life from a dog’s perspective in Snyder’s highly entertaining blog, ‘Snyd Remarks’.”

FDP is for people whose canine companions are regarded as part of the family. Freaky Dog People show their love in many ways. Some serve gourmet food and send their fur kids to the top stylists. Others organize play dates and birthday parties, and dress them in the finest threads and designer accessories. Some splurge for acupuncture, aromatherapy, and massages to make them feel better. Others provide them with soft, comfortable beds and pillows or let them sleep in their own beds at night. Some just take their best friend everywhere they go and enjoy life together. In an effort to tell all of the dog lovers in the world that they know they’re out there (and that their deep canine affections are nothing to be ashamed of), the people at FDP came up with the following for the company’s tagline: You know who you are.

The shirts and other items can be purchased on the Freaky Dog People website. T-shirts go for either $28 or $30 depending on the style, while baseball caps cost $19 and giving bands sell for $12.95.

By creating a culture where people can share their love for dogs, and through charitable efforts and sales of FDP brand apparel and merchandise that embrace this sizeable subculture, the Afetians’ pet project raises money and awareness for dog rescues, shelters and other canine assistance programs.


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