Cat fishing

 Josh decided to go fishing for cat “fish” this evening. Here’s what went down…

Alas, a Horus fish appears on the horizon

The rare Horus-fish appears interested in the bait. But will he go for it?

A Loki fish emerges from the depths on the other side of the chair boat.

The Horus fish approaches the fishing line.

Strike! Josh has a cat fish on his line...The "hook" has been set. But no, the Horus fish shakes himself loose.

And the line is quickly snagged by the Loki fish.She isn't hooked well, however.

And she drags the pole into the water.

After a quick recovery, Josh gets the Horus fish back on his line.

And he's not getting away this time.

SUCCESS! Josh has landed a 15-pound cat fish.


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