Slightly obsessed with Tumblr

Over a year ago, I started an account on the “micro-blog” site Tumblr, just to see what the fuss was about. Yesterday in a rare moment of boredom I logged back on and started playing with it. I am now obsessed.

I love the idea of being able to submit tiny little one-line posts and single photographs to a blog without having to expand it and create some sort of a narrative structure. Sure, this blog is awesome (if I do say so myself) for longer things like book, product  and food reviews, multiple cat pictures and funny stories, so it isn’t going anywhere, but it’s nice having a place to post shorter things and some of my truly “random” thoughts. My Tumblr is essentially an extension of this blog, which is its intended purpose.

So, here is the link to my Tumblr: More Random Thoughts of Crazy Mandy. I hope you’ll check it daily to see what kind of crazy thoughts I manage to come up with.


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