How to tell your cat’s mood

Today I have a guest blog on the body language of cats. Check it out:

Our furry little friends have been with us since the Egyptians worshipped them as gods; we have been surrounded and bombarded by hidden messages from these cute little creatures. From tail-wagging, to hair-raising; cats contain an arsenal of emotions that they secretly portray to our unknowing eyes. If you want to understand what your cat is trying to say when its doing whatever strange behavior, you’ve come to the right place. Figuring out what your cuddly buddy is saying is just a paragraph away!

  1. The Flailing Tail: When your little pal swings his or her tail wildly from left to right, or even up and down; you’re in trouble. Contrary to the soft and lovingly swing, this symbolizes anger and discontent. It could be caused by the cat being hurt or touched in an irritating place such as the base of the tail. Be careful with this one; a bite or clawing is shortly followed if you are near!
  2. The Swishing Tail: These are the soft and lovingly swings aforementioned. It symbolized contentment and happiness. If your cat is swinging its tail oh-so-pleasantly from side to side at a gentle and steady pace, you’ve done something right! Petting, purring, and snuggling is in your near future!
  3. The Spiked Tail (A.K.A. Upcoming Doom): When a cat’s hair stands-at-attention on all parts of its body, especially the tail; it symbolizes the cat is startled, shocked, or surprised. It generally is accompanied by anger or retaliation of some sort. If you are near a startled cat it  will do anything and everything in its power to protect itself from the recently unexpected event.
  4. Half-Mast Eyes: When your furry friend has its eyes sailing comfortably at half-mast; it means just that, they are comfortable. This is all-the-more obvious when the upcoming purring-session commences. If your cat’s eyes are half-open, it could also symbolize exhaustion or a period of rest soon to come.
  5. Bent-Back Ears: When your cat pulls its ears back to resemble the wings of an F-22 Raptor, you best back off a few feet if not more. Your cat is agitated, and ready to strike at any moment; we’ve all learned this the hard way by sticking our hands just a few inches too close in hopes of coaxing the cat into calmness; only to be mangled by those five razor-sharp claws. Keep in mind, agitation means stand back!
  6. Purring: This is probably the most obviously discerned physical activity that cats can use to display emotion. It is associated with happiness and content. If a cat is purring on your lap it means he or she enjoys laying on you and that you make a pretty good mattress in his or her eyes. If your cat is purring on you it means you are in its “in crowd” of trusted people, so feel special!
  7. Rubbing against your legs: This symbolizes the need for attention. Ever wonder why whenever you seem to be preoccupied or busy your cat seems to want you the most? This is because they crave your attention. If a cat is lonely it will go out of its way to get you to pet it and play with it; whether that be rubbing or meowing or even nibbling on you. Remember, cats get lonely as often as we do!

Although there are innumerable hidden messages a cat can portray; these are the primary ones that are given. Follow these simple expressions and you can easily avoid any harm and enhance all the positives of being a cat owner. May your cats live long and healthy lives!

Tim Frisch is a blog writer for, and also a Student at the University of Wisconsin – Stout.  He is a cat lover, that highly recommends fresh, cold-shipped Azodyl for cats that are suffering from kidney disease.



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2 responses to “How to tell your cat’s mood

  1. Thank You 🙂 I really want a Cat …. But I want to be able to knw when to look out for a hissy fit… Really good info. And one question how do you stop and prevent a hissy fit?

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