The good, the bad and the freakin’ hilarious

While moving sucks in so many ways (the packing, the schlepping, the arranging, the re-arranging, the unpacking…) there are several random things to categorize about my home. And here they are:

The Good

My office/library/craft room/Josh’s model room – it’s nice having a space to work in, especially one where I can close the door and keep my cats out. Once I’m finished unpacking everything, I can get the remainder of my books out of storage and will actually have a place to put them. I’ve missed my books these past few years! Plus, now Josh has a space to work on his models, and I can start scrapbooking again. Hooray!

The cat room. It’s actually a screened-in porch, but it serves as a home for the litter boxes, food and water dishes, cat tree, cat carriers, ten thousand cat toys and, some of the time, the cats themselves. They still prefer the couch, but at least their stuff has its own space.

The Bad

No dishwasher. I have to go back to washing the dishes by hand.  😦

I think we have a ghost. The thermostat keeps re-setting itself (62 when it’s cold and 82 when it’s hot) and Josh swears he felt something grab his foot while he was sleeping the other night.

The Freakin’ Hilarious

Josh’s feeble attempt at Origami last week when he was bored. I unearthed an Origami kit that I bought a while back and handed it to him for entertainment. His attempt at making a paper crane and a… I’m not sure what… were laughable.

Yesterday Osiris managed to get on top my large bookcase and carefully walk across the molding on top of the door to balance on the door itself. I walked into the office and was greeted with this:

Gargoyle Cat!



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3 responses to “The good, the bad and the freakin’ hilarious

  1. Lisa Blayney

    Love this. I’ll have to stop by here more.

    • Amanda Hevener

      I feel like I need to update this post to add that we figured out the problem with the thermostat. It wasn’t a ghost – Josh and I are just morons who just realized yesterday that the front of the thermostat flips up to reach the settings underneath. It was just set wrong. Duh.

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