There’s weirdness afoot

I’ll start off with the non-cat related news. I’ve decided to take the National Blog Posting Month challenge in April, so be prepared for at least one post a day starting tomorrow. First up are the many book and food reviews that I’ve been working on.

And now, on to the cat stuff:

Abby has never been a lap cat. She’s a sit-next-to-you-and-lick-your-arm-cat, but not a lap cat. Until today, that is. She decided to join Josh on his new(ish) recliner and get comfortable:

In fact, all of the cats have been trying out the new chair, including Isis:

And Hercules:

And on top of all of that, Osiris has figured out how to play fetch. And get on top of the refrigerator:

And for the final picture of the day, I captured Horus out-cold on the cat tree:

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4 responses to “There’s weirdness afoot

  1. lifewith4cats

    Hi Mandy! I love that picture of Horus. Its so gracefull…NOT heheh 🙂 A typical boy he is all conked out and sleeping so comfortably. Horus is my favorite of your group judging only by looks that is. Youve got 3 more furry guys than me. How long have you been blogging? Im new since July last year.

    • Amanda Hevener

      I’m not supposed to play favorites… but I like Horus the best. He’s my “stalker cat” and follows me everywhere; when he’s not sacked out on the cat tree, anyway. I’ve been keeping this blog since last April, and my cats are my favorite topic (obviously). 🙂 I’ll have to check out your blog now!

      • lifewith4cats

        I still resist the urge to like sports, but as big fan of your sports team well, Ill stick around. Its good to meet a fellow cat blogger. Ill add you to my pet blog blogroll.

      • Amanda Hevener

        Thanks! As soon as I get around to creating a blogroll (I’ve been putting it off) I’ll add you as well!

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