The return of Floyd

My computer, affectionately named Floyd D. Computer, decided to die this past Monday. Of course, since writing is impossible without a computer to send, publish, and retrive files, I freaked out.

Thanks to my quick-thinking and awesome parents, I received a new computer a few hours later that same day. I named him Floyd D. Computer Jr, and he is my birthday and Christmas presents for the next few years. In fact, I’m writing this on him now. He’s an HP G62-340US notebook with a 300 gb hard drive, 3 gb of RAM and a 2.2 Ghz processor, all of which is at least double what the old Floyd possessed.

My mother-in-law offered to help me retrieve my files off of the old Floyd, so yesterday I took him to a local computer shop: PAK Computers. Lo-and-behold, they managed to fix him for $60! It turns out that some of his RAM went bad, so they removed the damaged chip and he worked just fine, albeit a little slowly since he now only has 1Gb left. But he works! And 24-hours later, I was able to back up his files on my own.

I’m keeping the original Floyd  just in case. Besides, I can’t bear to part with him: I have a sentimental attachment to that old HP laptop!


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