Kittens, candles and contests

As much as I love candles (I even sold Partylite for about two years) I’m careful about using them around my many cats. The last thing I need is for a curious cat to burn itself by “checking out” the flame. I learned that lesson back when Loki was a kitten. I lit a few candles one evening and went into the kitchen. About ten minutes later, one of the candles was out and some of her forehead whiskers were melted! Thankfully they grew back, but she looked funny for a few months.

Then I discovered this cool product: Enjoy Lighting Flameless Candles! They have L.E.D. lights inside and flicker just like a real flame. They’re even scented! How cool is that? I can make my home smell better, have candles sitting out, and I won’t have to worry about my fuzzies. Since my kittens are virtually uncontrollable, as evidenced by this picture of Horus lounging on the kitchen counter, it’s a safe option.  (And yes, I’ve tried the squirt-gun method of cat training. It doesn’t work on the kittens. They like water.)

Speaking of pets, several weeks ago I wrote about the KOA Picture PAW-fect Pet Contest. The voting is underway to choose a winner from among the ten finalists (I didn’t enter) so follow the link and pick your favorite! The winner gets $250 worth of pet products, and voting ends on March 16th.


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