Goose-squatch identified!

(Preface: I apologize for vanishing, but I had the flu. I will spare you the details. Now, on to the news…)

Josh and I have finally identified the bird known as goose-squatch. We’ve noticed him hanging around (off and on) with the Canadian geese that live outside our building. We kept proclaiming that he must be some weird goose-duck-loon-something hybrid. A Goose of the Future, if you will.

Just today, thanks to my nifty A Field Guide to  Birds: Eastern Region, we now know what he is: a Greater White-fronted Goose.

His habitat is supposed to be the Gulf of Mexico, parts of New Mexico, California, and Oregon, and the Northern Tundra: Alaska and North-west Canada. Yet, for some reason he’s been living in Northeast Ohio.

We identified him based on his bright-orange legs and feet, plus his coloring and the white patch near his beak. He’s stands out from his flock of Canadian Geese.

To Goose-squatch, our migrant from the North (or South)!



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3 responses to “Goose-squatch identified!

  1. Jim B.

    Long Live Al (wherever he may be) !!!!!

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