Mmm…. Chocolate; Check out truffle truffle!

If I had to name my number one favorite food, the answer would be CHOCOLATE! And if I had to narrow it down further, I’d go with chocolate combined with other things, like pretels, cookies, peanut butter, and wasabi. Wait, wasabi?

Photo by Derek Hatfield

Yes, you read that right. I’ve tried it (and liked it) with pretzels, so why not with chocolate? Nicole Greene, the pastry chef and creative mind behind Chicago-based artisnal chocolate company truffle truffle has combined wasabi powder with white chocolate ganache for her Hot & Spicy collection.  

Here are the details:

Hot & Spicy Collection:

Inspired by ingredients used to heat up taste buds around the world, this unique collection of truffles and caramels incorporates spices from Mexico, India, Japan and everywhere in between. Explore the frenzy of flavors with your valentine with this sweet and spicy journey around the world.



·      wasabi: white chocolate ganache combined with wasabi powder

·      curry: milk chocolate ganache infused with a house-made sweet and spicy curry blend and a hint of coconut milk

·      spice: dark chocolate ganache infused with cloves, allspice, ginger and a pinch of saigon cinnamon

·       chili: milk chocolate ganache with ancho, chipotle and cayenne peppers in a milk chocolate shell

Photo by: Derek Hatfield


·      mole: truffle truffle’s original caramel recipe with a unique blend of chilies, spices, ground nuts and chocolate

·       spiced curry: house-made curry blended with the original caramel recipe and the addition of chipotle pepper

·      Thai peanut: caramels infused with the flavors of roasted peanuts, lemongrass, ginger and chili

·      cracked peppercorn: freshly-cracked pink peppercorns add a pop of spice and heat to truffle truffle’s salted caramels

If those sound too spicy for you, check out this collection:

Culinary Couples Collection:

Photo by: Derek Hatfield

Like Valentine’s Day itself, this collection celebrates the simple fact that some things are just meant to be together. Just as loving couples are better together than apart these classic combos of ingredients go hand-in-hand for the perfect marriage of flavors…in bite-size form!


·      peanut butter & jelly: a milk chocolate shell surrounds white chocolate ganache mixed with house-made raspberry preserves and organic peanut butter filling

·      cookies & milk: white chocolate ganache is combined with chocolate chip cookie crumbles and rolled in white chocolate

·      beer & pretzels: the original truffle truffle culinary couple, milk chocolate ganache is combined with American chocolate stout, enrobed in milk chocolate and rolled in crushed salted pretzels

·      coffee & doughnuts: a tiny doughnut hole is rolled in rich coffee buttercream, enrobed in chocolate and finished with cinnamon sugar

Photo by: Derek Hatfield


·      chocolate & peanut butter: a classic rich combination is even more decadent when combined with truffle truffle’s delicious salty caramel recipe

·      maple & bacon: the addictive combination of pure maple syrup and organic Applewood smoked bacon is ensconced in the smoky salted caramel

·      strawberry & banana: a tasty throwback to the childhood favorite of the perfect pairing of ripe bananas and fresh strawberries with the original caramel recipe

·      apple & cinnamon: the familiar & comforting notes of apple & cinnamon fill these chewy caramels

I don’t think it  gets any better than a strawberry and banana caramel and a peanut butter and jelly truffle. Do you?


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