Snowed in

I used to love the snow when I was a kid. I remember putting on my giant purple snowsuit and boots and running out into the front yard to build defective-looking snowmen. I learned early on to never throw snowballs at my dad while he was shoveling, because he’d fling a shovelfull of snow at me. 🙂

Unfortunately, the second I learned how to drive, I started hating the snow. The first month I had my license, I managed to get my car stuck in the street outside my parents house not once, but twice. When I was in college it wasn’t a big deal, mostly due to the fact that it didn’t really snow in Ashland. That and I lived in a dorm all four years and just walked everywhere.

Once I graduated and got a job, I really hated the snow. I had a hard enough time waking up enough to drive in the mornings, let alone drive defensively in a foot of wet, slushy, Lake Effect white stuff.

Now that I get to work from home, I look out the window at everyone trying to drive around in our unplowed parking lot and think, “HA HA! I don’t have to go out there!” It kinda makes my day.


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