Snowed in part two

This is a view from my apartment taken around noon today:

 Not shown – the UPS man getting his truck stuck outside the building. You can barely see the other tower, and the clubhouse, off to the left and across the parking lot, isn’t visible at all. And it’s still snowing! So much for global warming.

I gave my cats a bowl of snow, just to see what they’d do with it. As you can tell, Horus and Osiris wrestled over who got to eat it first. Once they got over that first shock, “Oh, COLD!” they didn’t seem to notice. That whole bowl of snow vanished in about 5 minutes.

I haven’t left my apartment since yesterday morning. I think I’m losing my mind. Can’t you tell?

Updated to add: Check this out: 15 Ways to Organize Your Cats (I didn’t write this.)


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