Dear Cleveland Browns…

Season after season I have sat idly on the couch trying to read while my husband screams at the tv. He gets pissed off when you do something stupid and extremely happy when everything goes right and you manage to win a game.

This season, I’ve actually started watching the games. And joining in the yelling (sometimes.) I’m starting to like football. Now I want my team – you, the Cleveland Browns – to win just as badly as everyone else does.

I threatened today that if you lost this game against the Panthers that I would “black out” the rest of the season and refuse to let my husband watch any of your games. You wouldn’t get any ratings from my living room.

Thankfully (for him) you won, albeit barely.

So I’m writing this letter to ask: how can you be so awesome against the Saints and the Patriots (and the Jets, although you lost), yet so sucky against a crappy team like the Carolina Panthers? How could you have let the Jaguars beat you? They aren’t having a good season either.

Your next three weeks should be a cakewalk. Please don’t make me hate football again.


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