BK for breakfast

After watching 8,000 commercials for Burger King’s new breakfast sandwiches, I decided to give one a try.

I haven’t had a Burger King breakfast sandwich in years. Since college, actually. All I remember is that the croissanwich was blah and the hashbrowns sucked, so when I ordered my ciabatta club sandwich and hashbrowns, I wasn’t expecting a miracle.

The sandwich was okay. It was edible. That’s the best compliment that I can give it. The bacon and ham were greasy, the eggs were powdery, the tomatoes were picked off by yours truly (I hate tomatoes) and the tangy sauce was completely unneccesary. The ciabatta bun was a poor comparison to others that I’ve had. I’d eat one again, minus the tomatoes and sauce, but only if I had no other options.

The hashbrowns, on the other hand were surprisingly good. I wish they were served a bit warmer, but they were crispy and fairly tasty. Nothing compares to the oniony goodness of the ones served at Dunkin Donuts, but compared to the lame ciabatta sandwich, the hashbrowns were yummy.

However, if I had to pick a fast food place to get a great, quick breakfast, I’m going to McDonald’s. Nothing compares to their amazingly greasy hashbrowns and egg mcmuffins. Especially when they’re fresh.


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