Addictive droid games

I can’t stop playing with my new phone. So far, I’ve downloaded close to 30 different apps, some of them being useful (news, weather, email) and some just good, plain fun – games!

Here are my top five games, thus far, in no particular order:

1) Fruit Ninja. I can’t stop playing it! Who knew that Ninja’s hate fruit? LOL

2) Bubble Blast 2. Another one that I can’t stop playing. The sound effects are cool and the puzzles actually require a bit of skill and luck.

3) Angry Birds. I love it. The pigs stole the birds’ eggs, so you have to slingshot the birds to attack the pigs. Weird, but cool.

4) Curling. I set it up on two-player and Josh and I challenge each other. He gets mad when I win. 🙂

5) Paper Toss. It’s hard and I get annoyed at it, but I’ll beat it eventually!


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