Things that go bump in the night

In honor of Halloween (and the fact that my husband has been watching every horror movie he can find) here is a list of things that terrify me:

1) Spiders! These eight-legged arachnids never fail to make me scream, jump and run out of the room. Thankfully unlike my last apartment that was constantly invaded by giant wolf spiders year-round, I’ve seen exactly three in my current home. And they were all eaten by cats moments after showing themselves.

2) Insects. Some get to live, like ladybugs and lightning bugs, but all others must die. Again, this is where my bug-killing commando cats come in.

3) Most dolls. When I was a kid, I shut all of my dolls (except for my Barbies) in the closet at night. Especially those fancy ones whose eyes opened and closed. Stuffed animals never bothered me, but I was afraid the dolls would wake up in the middle of night out for blood. To this day dolls creep me out. Along with those religious statues that my mom has. But that’s a subject for another day.

4) Clowns. Thank you Garfield Heights Middle School for showing “Killer Clowns from Outer Space” to a bunch of ten-year-olds. I wasn’t afraid of them until then.

5) Well, I guess there isn’t a number 5 since I got over my fear of elevators when I started college. And some really really high heights bother me, but not to the point of cowering in fear. Speech class bothered me, but that’s more stage freight than a spine-tingling hide-in-a-closet fear.  It’s just the silly little things that keep me up at night (sometimes!)


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