Collars on kittens

Two milestones were reached yesterday: my kittens turned 5 weeks old, and I bought them their first collars.

My adult cats don’t wear them (in fact, when Hercules outgrew his collar and I removed it once and for all, he proceeded to take out his frustration on it and ripped it to pieces.) The kittens have to wear them though: the bells will help us keep track of them!

It’s amazing how quickly they’ve grown. At five weeks old they’re ALL over the place: trying to climb the coffee table, attacking the other cats’ tails, chasing toy mice. They run like water bugs, zigzagging all over the floor.

The funniest thing happened yesterday, though. I put extra bells on Osirus’ collar (we call her Trouble for a reason) and the additional weight was too much for her; she flopped over onto her side like a dead fish. Then got one of her front legs stuck in the collar trying to bat at it. She’s a funny little cat.

Horus, on the other hand, is calm in comparison. He likes to chew on Josh’s shoes and attempt to scale the side of the couch. He’s happy just hanging out.

My other cats, with the exception of Abby, have no problems with the kittens. They’re more than happy to have extra playmates to chase and try to pounce on.

Okay. No more kitten stories. I promise that my next post will be cat-free. There’s been a lot going on besides them anyway!


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