Kittens and a cool car

About a week and a half ago, one of my cats had kittens. Isis had two of them – one calico and the other black and white. We named the calico one Osirus, and the black and white one is tentatively named Horus. If it turns out to be female, it will be renamed either Athena or Andromeda.

It’s been a crazy week and a half since half of my cats came down with upper respiratory infections at about the same time the kittens were born, so forcing antibiotics and keeping them away from the babies has been tricky. Fortunately, the kittens parents (Hercules and Isis) seem to have recovered, but now Osiris is sneezing so I have to keep an eye on her.

Hercules is in the cat bed with Osirus, while Isis is on the floor with Horus

 Here’s the whole family relaxing together in the closet. So far the kittens have opened their eyes and are trying to wander out of the cat bed – both things that they shouldn’t be able to do yet, since they aren’t even two weeks old! They’re going to be trouble. I’ve been making sure to spend some time holding and petting them every day so that they grow used to being around people. I want them to be lap cats.

We’re planning on moving the kittens into either a box or the bedroom later on this week, since there are too many places for them to get stuck in the rest of the apartment.

But enough about my many cats…

On our way to Randolph on Saturday, my husband and I came upon this really cool car – according to the antique number plates and chrome logo on the side, it’s a 1958 Chevy Avalanche. According to my dad, that’s a precursor to today’s SUV’s. The flame paint job was all custom, as was the exhaust system. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?


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