Cleveland Air Show Awesome-ness

I spent most of my Labor Day weekend getting up early and hauling my half-asleep self to Cleveland for the yearly air show. Why? Well, to make a long story short, my dad built a 1/14th scale replica of a plane owned by the FAA. It’s a DC-3 called the N34. He displayed the plane next to theirs (the big one) all weekend, and I was a member of his “ground crew.” It mostly involved spending half of my time wandering around the air show taking in the sights, and the other half trying to stay out of the sun by sitting underneath a tail strut.

My dad (in the white shirt) with the FAA N34 crew.

It was a blast! I love the sound of a jet engine and watching airplanes buzz through downtown Cleveland at close to the speed of sound is thrilling. The only downside was the cost of food and drinks, but I got around that by bringing my own bottles of water and only allowing myself one $7 funnel cake. And a burger, some french fries and a few hotdogs. Oops. There went my budget.

The first day wasn’t the best – there were 30mph wind gusts and enough rain to make it seem like a monsoon. We toughed it out by hiding inside the full-size DC-3 and chatting the N34 crew. Although we never figured out what the deck angle is.

Unlike classic cars, planes don’t have personal number plates with the years they were built – so, for the record, this plane was built in the 1940’s.

Thankfully the next few days were better, and there was constant stream of vistors to check out both planes. My dad was even ambushed by Charlie Airshow for a quick interview.

It was a great holiday weekend, but I think I’m airshow-ed out for a few years. That is, unless they have something I’ve never seen before planned for next year.



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2 responses to “Cleveland Air Show Awesome-ness

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  2. Thomas Solinski

    Ten Degrees, the deck angle is ten degrees.

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